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MJ Ross – Dystopiac, Pre Album, 3-Song Review

(From ElectronicGroove.Com, Posted August 10, 2023)

The debut LP from Connecticut native, MJ Ross, is an aural nebula of spacey sounds that nods to fabled film composers of past and present. The crossover of classical and electronica has had a bit of a moment in recent years. Artists like Nils Fhram, Grand River, and Sebastian Mullaert are just a few found delicately intertwining the two genres to create sonic harmonies. From the first brush of the piano keys, these soundscapes have a way of building and consuming to induce eargasmic experiences that, more often than not, deserve repeat listens.

As the two genres provide infinite musical possibilities, every artist seems to have a distinct style and approach, often producing something unlike what we’ve heard before. That’s why it’s exciting when a new artist appears, emerging from the studio like a polar bear from hibernation but, instead, already carrying the fruits of their labor.

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