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‘Sky Drifter’ by MJ Ross is an ethereal soundscape inviting introspection

(From Indie Music Spin, Posted June 12, 2023)

MJ Ross’s ability to blend elements of ambient electronic, trance, and melodic soundscapes creates a unique and intriguing sonic landscape. The description of “Sky Drifter” as a thought-provoking and melancholic composition with slow, ethereal soundscapes suggests a track that evokes a range of emotions and invites introspection.

The inclusion of arpeggiated pulsating percussion lines adds a rhythmic and hypnotic element, further enhancing the atmospheric quality of the music. The release of “Sky Drifter” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music allows listeners to access and enjoy this immersive sonic journey. It sets the stage for the highly anticipated debut album, “Dystopiac,” which promises to deliver a distinctive aural experience when it is released on September 30, 2023.

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